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Outreach Council

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Calling All Volunteers

Join the Brain Injury Association of Maryland Outreach Council!

What is the Outreach Council?

In the spring of 2000, The Brain Injury Association of Maryland (BIAM) developed the Outreach Council to serve as a statewide volunteer organization enhancing BIAM’s ability to serve people living with brain injury in Maryland.  Our members include people living with brain injury, their friends, family members and care providers as well as professionals working in the brain injury community.

How is this different from a support group?

Support groups are primarily intended to provide a forum for individuals to discuss their concerns and issues surrounding their brain injury or the brain injury of a loved one. BIAM’s Outreach Councils are work groups designed to help promote prevention and increase advocacy for people with brain injuries throughout Maryland.

When are the meetings?

There are 8 regional Outreach Councils in Maryland. The members of each region’s Outreach Council are encouraged to meet at least once a month, but the number of meetings, dates, and times are left up to the membership to decide. We occasionally have statewide meetings both in person or via conference call, to allow the members of the Outreach Council to gather, share success stories and strategies, and to provide training and useful information to the group.

How can I become a Outreach Council member?

Contact the Brain Injury Association of Maryland main office at 410-448-2924, or log on to our website at  We will put you in touch with your local Outreach Council Representative.

 For More Information, you can reach us at:

The Brain Injury Association of Maryland (BIAM)

2200 Kernan Drive w Baltimore, MD 21207

Phone: 410-448-2924  

Toll Free: 1-800-221-6443

 Fax: 410-448-3541

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

On the web at

The Busy Season...

is almost upon us. We could use your help! Click here to review our event calendar and see what events you can attend or help organize. To help with a specific event, view our Events.

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