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Living with a brain injury can require a range of resources, strategies and supports. The range of possible supports can be tremendous. This page hopes to offer links to articles and information about the supports and resources that are available to people with brain injury and their families to assist them.   

Below is a list of common issues that can arise, with links to publications and/or other website with useful information. If you know of additional information or resources, or find something missing, please feel free to 
contact us to let us know. 

Alternative Medicines
    Challenge Issue on Alternative Medicine
    National Insitutes of Health Alternative Medicine Information
    Brain Injury Association Caregiver Webinar on Alternative Medicine

Assistive Technology 
Assistive Technology Tip Card
    Assistive Technology Checklist for PDA's
    Resources for Finding and Funding AT Devices
    Family Caregivers article on Assistive Technology

     Behavioral Challenges
     Road to Rehabilitation Part 4 - Behavior and Brain Injury
 Cognition and Behavior
     Behavioral Guidelines

Caregiver/Family Stress

    Family Caregiver Alliance
    Brain Injury is a Family Affair
    Brothers and Sisters
    Family News and Views Letting Go
    Tips for Dealing with Stress
 Changes, Choices, Challenges- A Guide for Families to Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Cognition and Memory
     Road to Rehabilitation Part 3- Cognition and Memory
     Family News and Views: Cognition is the Key
 Family News and Views Neuropsychological Assessment
     Organizing Daily Life After Brain Injury
 Cognitive Problems After Brain Injury
     Brain Injury Association Cognitive Stimulation Resource Guide

     Depression and Brain Injury
 Overcoming Loneliness
 Depression After Brain Injury
     TBI Model Systems Research: Depression and Brain Injury

    Employment After Brain Injury
    Challenge Winter 2011 Issue Return to Work

    Driving After Brain Injury
    Return to Driving After Brain Injury

   Falls and Brain Injury

     Fatigue and Brain Injury

Financial Issues
    Financial Resources for Students with Brain Injury

​Children and Brain Injury
    See the Children's Page
   Challenge Issue on Children and Brain Injury
   Return to School After Brain Injury

College/Return to School

    College and Brain Injury
    Young Adults with Brain Injury and College
    Life After High School
    Return to School After Brain Injury
 TBI Model Systems Research: Return to Work After Brain Injury

    Road to Rehabilitation #2- Headaches
    Headaches After Brain Injury

Legal Issues
   Guide to Selecting Legal Representation 
   Legal Glossary
   Brain Injury Association webinar on Special Needs Trusts


    Road to Rehabilitation #6 - Medications and Brain Injury
    Brain Injury Association Webinar on Medication and Brain Injury


    Road to Rehabilitation #1- Pain

Research/Clinical Trials

    Guide to Participating in Clinical Trials
    Abstracts of TBI Model Systems Research    
    Knowledge Translation Center of TBI Model Systems
    THE Challenge! newsletter issue on research (summer 2009)   
    Articles from TBI Model Systems

    Seizures and Brain Injury
    Epilepsy Information

Severe Brain Injury
    Facts About Severe Brain Injury
    A Physician Talks About Severe Brain Injury
    Facts About the Vegetative and Minimally Conscious States After Brain Injury

    Family News and Views Sexuality and Brain Injury

    Sleep disturbances after brain injury
    Brain Injury Association webinar on Sleep and Brain Injury

    Open Arms Educational Campaign about upper limb spasticity 
    Release Your Potential: An educational website about severe spasticity 

    Road to Rehabilitation #5- Speech and Communication
 Challenge Spring 2011 issue on Communication

Substance Abuse
    Substance Abuse and Brain Injury
    Substance Abuse Information from the Ohio Valley Center
 TBI Model Systems Research: Substance Abuse and Brain Injury

Taste and Smell
    Taste and Smell issues after brain injury
    Taste and Smell Disorders

    Taste and Smell Information

    Vestibular Fact Sheet
    Vision and Brain Injury
    Vision issues post injury

Originally compiled by the Brain Injury Association of America, Inc.